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Did I mention I'm new to blogging? -Kanye Shrug- It's funny, it doesn't seem to matter when you're talking about you're passionate about! What is it i'm talking about today you ask? NEW FEATURES!!! Yeah, it took me a bit to get it set up but I think you guys will appreciate the new features. As a bonus I Threw in a fun freestyle I did today to prevent me from smashing my keyboard trying to implement this stuff! ^_^


The Feature lineup:

-Music! -Yes, my lifeblood! I have added two players one in The Mind to allow you to enjoy any reading with some of music of your choice. *Awesome side note: it continues to work across the website YAY!*

-CHAT! -Yezzir the ability to chat with your fellow Believers is finally here! So whether you want to chat instantly to see who's else is up or to ask a quick question to the collective the questions that keep you up at night! Recipes, DIY instructions, Musical lyrics, and of course the core fanboy/girl sections it's all here! Just speak up!

-FAQ! -Last but by no means last! Frequently Asked Questions the underdog in every website. The unsung hero, The perfect wingman when you need it. I will also be updating the discussion board with some of the harder questions to answer so we can hash out some answers together. I mean that's the spirit behind this whole site right?!


Well that's it for today! I hope you like the new features and there will be plenty more features coming as soon as i can figure out where kennan is taking get outta here, check out the new features and take them out for a spin!

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