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I'm a Classic Man


If you've been following the Sol blogs you'd know the last we left off there was a sense of "purpose" in the last entry. I wanted to show my Believers that I too deal with my own personal conflicts and truths.

-Why you looking me like this is news to you?

...Hold on? You haven't been reading my blogs?!



You know what?.. It's cool. You're here now, ..that's what matters right?! Well as I was saying, I've been doing much better since our last session. I took a few days off to gather myself and over the weekend I caught a "Karma Cold". At least that's what it felt like, as I spent 3 days rushing to the bathroom deciding which end needed priority. -Bleh.-

Fortunately it did give me a lot of time to think to myself about the situation. The short and sweet conclusion was that motion is always met with friction. That doesn't mean you shouldn't keep pushing harder, faster, and further. Eventually you WILL make a breakthrough! So with that chapter concluded, Gotham season 2 was on my hit list. Nerding out over super heros and villians in my pj's. (If only I had the ability to have a beer or two and some wings without a trip back to the porcelain god. *Sighs* Such is life I guess.)

-Now wait a minute, don't think I can't hear your disdain? Did I forget about my NlightN Believers?! Pft! Yea right! I was dying to get back in the driver's seat to bring you new content, fresh and innovative website updates. Plus who else treats me to that special embrace even if i'm just gone for a weekend? Come Here You!!


So you gotta be wondering what plans I've been cooking up for our community? Well I'll be spelling it out with more details soon, but for now know that my DSLR camera is coming in less than a month and I've been writing some rough drafts for some short skits! Exciting right? I know! The crew has been reaching out to new talents to feature on the site. The time to move the entire operation to the east coast is rapidly approaching. Not to mention fun contests, giveaways, and projects in the pipeline are looking to make the fall and winter the perfect time to hone our skills for our 2017 world wide release! So make sure you stick around and get your friends excited because this is OUR platform! #Believer



Sunshine. Gems. and You,

Understandably you wonder what do they all have in common?

I'm not trying to insult your intelligence.

They are all brilliant. Yes. But that's the surface, a childish compliment but a compliment.


Really this was just my way to relax to you.

Oh don't believe me?

See the thing is I can tell your soul is precious and that is a rarity in our generation.

Either way you look at it. You're genuinely special. Without you, this wouldn't've been a Classic Man.

Check. Mate.

Justin Timberlake Suit and Tie

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